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Date: March 7, 2016

REF:  New American Electrical, Inc. Fuse Holder

Do you or your customers use Class CC (rejection type) fuses in our Fuse Holders?  If so please read the following letter.

The 254 Series and the 256 Series are being upgraded.  The old 254 – VLC – is changing to the EFD Series (still 254 prefix).  The change will allow for 10x38mm and 1 ½”x13/32” OR Class CC fuses.  The Old version 254 series allowed for Class CC and 10x38mm and 1 ½’x 13/32” in the same holder. 

The problem is that Class CC fuses operate at higher Interrupt Current and higher quality – if a Class CC design (such as an Elevator circuit) were to be compromised by someone placing a non-Class CC fuse in the holder, the system would be operating below design standards – this is not a good situation. 

Now you and your customers will have to choose the Class CC version OR the 10x38mm/ 1 1/2'”x 13/32” – The Class CC versions WILL NOT ALLOW anything other than a Class CC into the Holder.  This will improve design and operational safety.

The 256 Series is being upgraded from the VLC to the EFD as explained below.

The new changes in the EFD series also allow for an easier way to open the fuse blocks, offer complete IP 20 protection, a better mechanism for attaching to the DIN Rail, the possibility to lock-out the device in open or closed positions as well as the complete separation for Class CC designs as described above.  This new Series, called EFD, will replace the VLC but will have the same dimensions as the VLC – so there is no need to worry about the physical placement of the new Fuse Holders.

So, with these changes, you will have to ask your customer “Will you be using Class CC fuses in your application?”

In the post above, you will see a table with a breakdown of what you need to know.  If you have any questions please call us at 804 379-2899.  Thanks for your business!


Thomas A. McCormick

American Electrical, Inc.