Thursday, February 28, 2013

Need Product Cost Savings? Let American Electrical quote you !!

American Electrical offers a complete line of DIN Rail mounted devices - for less - We have Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Circuit Breakers, Power Supplies, DIN Rail, Disconnect Switches, Interface Modules, Cable Grips, Wire Ferrules and Tools for Crimping.  Check us out here :

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's an alternate to Heyco ! American Electrical Cable Grips!!!

If you currently source Heyco and want a cost effective, quality Cable Grip check out the cross reference table for American Electrical  We sell DIN Rail Mounted Components for less !!!  Think INSIDE the Box !!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Circuit Breakers::Supplemental vs. Branch Circuit Protection - What do they require?

Supplemental vs Branch Circuit Protection requires different UL certifications and you should pay close attention to this when you design a control circuit.  Supplemental circuit protection is a term used when defining that the load will not be operated by the device and that there is one other level of protection between the device and the load - the device should carry a UL certification of UL1077 or greater.  Branch Circuit Protection means that the device can operate the load directly with no other level of protection between the breaker and the load, having a UL certification of UL489.

American Electrical has a complete line of UL 1077 and UL 489 circuit breakers for any of your design requirements.  Thanks for reviewing!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can name that Control Loop in 6 mm !!

Dual Level Terminal Block PIK Series can handle one control circuit in 6mm along the DIN Rail.  Rated at 32 amps (UL), the PIK Series can terminate two wires in and two wires out.  There is also a version connecting all four wires to the same potential.

Sensor Terminal Blocks from American Electrical, makes sense!

Our  Sensor Terminal Blocks are a cost effective way to make connections with your Prox sensors.  Three and four wire sensors are easily terminated with our AVK Series Sensor Blocks.  Power and grounds can be bussed and/or grounded directly to the DIN Rail.

DSUB or IDC Connector Breakout Modules from American Electrical

Our DSUB and IDC connector breakout modules allow you to either breakout signals from your cable/device or input to your device!  Also these work as a great design for 'plugging' your I/O back to the controller.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why use Twin Wire Ferrules? by American Electrical, Inc.

Ever heard of the term "Daisy Chain"?  That's when you connect wires, land them on terminals and continue down the Terminal Block Chain (perhaps connecting every third terminal) ...  Engineers specify the" Daisy Chain" concept to connect Power and/or Ground in Control System Design.  A Twin Wire Ferrule can marry two wires together, making it easier to connect and insert into an IEC component like a Terminal Block.  The Twin Wire F makes for a more reliable connection as well as making it easier to remove and replace during troubleshooting!  Please consider the Twin Wire Ferrule as a solution to your next "Daisy Chain" application!!!

Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers by American Electrical, Inc.

Our pneumatic ferrule crimpers save time and money (as well as your technicians hands!!) so do them a favor and give them a break.  Choose from our handheld crimpers, for working in control cabinets or bench crimpers, for working with cable assemblies (comes with foot pedal).  All of these work with 60-90 psi plant air!!!  check it out !!