Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Design In: AEI's new Wire Duct line - UL Recognized and Internationally approved ... for less

Check out American Electrical, Inc.'s new line of Wire Duct and accessories, RoHS compliant, 2 meter sticks and comes with cover.  Design your next control cabinet or junction box with it and Think INSIDE the Box !  Call us at 804 379-2899 or visit our website at !

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Design In: New Thermocouple Terminal Block - allowing your Control System to go the extra mile.

American Electrical's new line of DIN Rail mounted Thermocouple Terminal Blocks can allow your Control System to bring back T/C wire to enhance system accuracy and eliminate cold junctions.  Our new TCB-K (for type K Thermocouples) and TCB-J (type J) have an embedded female T/C connector that allows the user to "read" process temps at the Terminal Block - saving the Technician valuable time.   Call us at 804 379-2899 or visit us online at !