Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wire Ferrules - the complete how to guide from American Electrical !

Here's a complete training module (below) on how to successfully apply a wire ferrule on a conductor!  AEI sells the largest selection of Wire Ferrules in the USA! check out the link !!http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/asset/wireferrule_install.pdf

Thursday, January 24, 2013

PCB Plugs and Headers half the cost of Phoenix Contact from American Electrical

Check out our line of Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks and Connectors (Plugs and Headers)!!! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/inted-circuit-board-terminal-blocks-and-connectors

DIN RAIL - we have it all here at American Electrical

Any DIN Rail - slotted or solid, 7.5mm or 15mm, steel or aluminum !!! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail   and all the components that snap onto it !!

BUSSMAN fuse holders are twice the cost of ours!!

Only from American Electrical, Inc. can you get an "equal" - same specs - lower cost - check it our !!!  thanks!http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/din-rail-mounted-fuse-holders/ail-mounted-fuse-holders-10-x-38-mm-1-1-2-x-13-32-?

EMC Cable Grip - finally an easy solution to a difficult problem

Do you need a way to ground a braided cable?  Look no further - we have it here - the Easy Connect Cable Grip grounds the braid to the enclosure in no time!!! IP 68 !http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/cable-grips/all-categories-cable-grips-emc-easyconnect?

Wire Ferrule kit is complete with ferrules, stripping, cutting and crimping tool

This rugged metal CRIMPKIT is a great way to arm your techs with everything they need to crimp wire ferrules!http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/item/wire-ferrules/crimp-kit/item-2271?

Wire Ferrules and Crimping tools here at American Electrical!

We have the widest selection of ferrules in the USA - as well as hand, pneumatic and electric tools to cover any job and assembly!  thanks for checking us out !! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/wire-ferrules

Who pays more for the same functionality?

People who specify Phoenix Contact instead of American Electrical that's who !!!!  Come check out our complete line of DIN Rail mounted Terminal Blocks and accessories !  Why pay double?http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-terminal-blocks

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thermocouple : type J and K Terminal Block !!!

Our new "pluggable" Thermocouple Terminal Block is DIN Rail mounted for type J and K Thermocouples.  The Pluggable feature is a mini female connector embedded in the top of the Block allowing for measurement of the process temp AT the terminal block !!!! Think of how easy it will be to troubleshoot and calibrate !!  http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/din-rail-mounted-terminal-blocks/d-terminal-blocks-new-thermocouple-terminal-blocks?

American Electrical Terminal Blocks !!!

You could save a bundle in your control panel by switching to our Terminal Blocks ! UL Recognized, Internationally approved $avings you or your customer deserves!!!    Why do you still pay those high Phoenix Contact prices?  Check us out!!!  http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-terminal-blocks

Why use Phoenix Contact and pay double?

Looks similar, has all the approvals, carries the same current, operates at the same voltage - for less from American Electrical !http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-terminal-blocks

DIN Rail Power Supplies up to 40 Amps!

Our 24VDC output power supplies have input voltages of 120 VAC up to 480 VAC - compact design!http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-power-supplies

DIN Rail Fuse Holders !!

If fuses are your means of protection then checkout our finger safe IEC versions up to 50 Amps!http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-fuse-holders

DIN Rail Circuit Breakers - 13mm wide!

UL 1077, UL 489 and UL 489A - we have you covered from AC to DC !! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-circuit-breakers

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

We offer the most competitive line in the USA - why would you pay double for the same functionality?http://www.americanelectrical.com/

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wire Ferrules

American Electrical has Insulated and Non-Insulated wire ferrules for any application http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/wire-ferrules

Cable Grips

American Electrical has NPT, PG and Metric threaded, IP 68 Cable Grips : http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/cable-grips/nylon-cable-grips?

American Electrical Power Supplies

American Electrical has a wide range of quality Power Supplies from 1.25 A - 40 A !! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-power-supplies

American Electrical Fuse Holders

American Electrical has a DIN Rail mounted fuse holder for any control circuit ! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-fuse-holders

DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks by American Electrical

The AVK Series is Internationally and UL approved - reliable connection - for less http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/avk-series-terminal-blocks-2

American Electrical Circuit Breakers

Thinnest DIN Rail Circuit Breaker - saving space along the DIN rail by American Electrical : http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/category/din-rail-mounted-circuit-breakers

Din Rail Mounted Thermocouple Terminal block w integrated measurement connector

Check out American Electrical's new Thermocouple Terminal block here :  http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/din-rail-mounted-terminal-blocks/d-terminal-blocks-new-thermocouple-terminal-blocks?

Thermocouple Terminal Block

Checkout American Elecrical's new Thermocouple Terminal block - it has an integrated connector for temp measurement IN THE BLOCK ! http://catalog.americanelectrical.com/viewitems/din-rail-mounted