Friday, November 8, 2013

Design In: New 245 Series has 2 ground, 4 feedthru and 5 UL 1077, 480 VAC, (5, 10, 15 or 20 Amp) Circuit Breakers

American Electrical, Inc's new 245C5-480 is an Engineered Junction box that has 2 ground terminals, 4 feedthrough terminal blocks and 5, UL1077, 480 VAC (5, 10, 15 or 20 Amp) Circuit Breakers.  Components are in a 240x160x90mm, IP 65, NEMA 4X, (-40 - +149 degree F), RAL 7035 gray, clear cover enclosure.  Captured, spring loaded screws make it easy to remove/replace the lid.  American Electrical has made it easy for you to "Connect and Protect" your
control circuit.  We've done the work so you can move on to bigger and better things!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Design In: New 245 Series Engineered Junction Box - ground, feedthru and fuse terminations - ready for your control circuit

American Electrical, Inc's new 245F32-I is an Engineered Junction box that has 2 ground terminals, 4 feedthrough terminal blocks and five fused terminals blocks (up to 32 amps) with fuse failure indicators, featuring a flashing neon light upon fuse blowing.  All captured in a 240x160x90mm, IP 65, NEMA 4X, (-40 - +149 degree F), RAL 7035 gray, clear cover enclosure.  Captured, spring loaded screws make it easy to remove/replace the lid.  American Electrical has made it easy for you to "Connect and Protect" you control circuit.  We've done the work so you can move on to bigger and better things!

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Think INSIDE the Box !

Monday, October 7, 2013

Design In: New 245 series provides connection, ground and protection - pre-Engineered !

American Electrical Inc.'s new 245 series, IP 65, NEMA 4X, polycarbonate enclosure is ready for your wiring!  It comes pre-Engineered with 2 Ground, 4 Feedthrough (55 Amps) and 5 Fuse (up to 32 amps) connections! We've done all the work, now you can just make the connections ! Please look at our extensive line of DIN Rail mounted Products at ! or call us at 804 379-2899 !


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Design In::Compact, DIN Rail Mounted, 24VDC Power Supply, 60 ma ,,, from American Electrical

Space utilization is the key to the MDR-20-24 ! This new miniature, 24VDC, 1 amp output DIN Rail Power Supply saves valuable space along the DIN Rail while powering your control circuit!  120 VAC input voltage makes it compatible virtually anywhere! Call American Electrical at 804 379-2899 for a quote today.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Design In: AEI's new Wire Duct line - UL Recognized and Internationally approved ... for less

Check out American Electrical, Inc.'s new line of Wire Duct and accessories, RoHS compliant, 2 meter sticks and comes with cover.  Design your next control cabinet or junction box with it and Think INSIDE the Box !  Call us at 804 379-2899 or visit our website at !

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Design In: New Thermocouple Terminal Block - allowing your Control System to go the extra mile.

American Electrical's new line of DIN Rail mounted Thermocouple Terminal Blocks can allow your Control System to bring back T/C wire to enhance system accuracy and eliminate cold junctions.  Our new TCB-K (for type K Thermocouples) and TCB-J (type J) have an embedded female T/C connector that allows the user to "read" process temps at the Terminal Block - saving the Technician valuable time.   Call us at 804 379-2899 or visit us online at !

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Design In: New Interface Relay saves space on the DIN Rail, from American Electrical, Inc.

Now Design Engineers have a better, slimmer way to control systems in machinery and processes. Our new Interface Relays come in 115VAC/DC or 24 VAC/DC in a slim 6mm, DIN Rail mountable package.  There are two sets of contacts, 1 NO and 1 NC that can each carry 6A, for less than $20.00 804 379-2899 call us today or check out our website at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Design In: Engineer's Choice Award :: Terminal Blocks ... In a Box. Ready for your control circuit.

American Electrical brings you our new  Junction/Hookup Boxes that have the DIN Rail and Terminal Blocks already mounted in this IP 65, NEMA 4X J-Box.

Have a wire run you need to terminate and re-run or perhaps monitor a small I/O block? Are you looking for a way provide a parallel circuit to an existing design? Are you looking to control, automate or monitor a plant  or machine process?

Whatever your needs may be, we have 5, 10, 15 (35 amps) and 20 (26 amps) position feedthru terminations PRE INSTALLED for you in this high quality, gasketed, mountable NEMA 4X J-Box, saving time, space and $$ ! The terminals are spring loaded - open the clamp with a screwdriver, insert wire, remove screwdriver !  It's that simple!  Terminals are cUL Registered Call us today at 804 379-2899

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Design In: D-Sub signal breakout module:: Now you can measure/monitor/roll conductors to your specification !

American Electrical's  D-Sub signal breakout modules allow the user to take a cable terminated with a #D-Sub (9, 15 or 25 pin) and convert it to discrete wires so that #measurement, monitoring, testing, control, troubleshooting or rolling conductors, etc. can be performed.  Call us at 804 379-2899 We also make 3 versions for  IDC connectors !

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Design In: Protect your People and your Equipment in wet environments with our new DIN Rail Mounted GFI Breaker

American Electrical's NEW * GFI * DIN Rail mounted #Circuit #Breaker is UL 1053 and UL 1077 rated - providing 22ma #ground #fault protection @ 240VAC - protecting Personnel and Property in a 26mm slim package saving valuable space along the #DIN Rail !  Call us today at 804 379-2899 ! #circuitprotection #GFCI #GFI

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Design In: American Electrical's new Wire Stripper :: Engineered for your production floor

American Electrical, Inc.'c new CS 60 Wire Stripper strips insulation for 28-10 AWG conductors.  Stripping lengths up to 20mm can be set as well as the distance the insulation gets pulled back.  This machine weighs 21 pounds, portable to move about the factory floor, yet rugged in design so that it can take most any tough environment.  LCD display makes it easy to use and understand.  Call us today 804 379-2899 !!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Design In: Now the first tension clamp terminal block that doesn't require the user to "open" a clamp !! Save time with the new PYK Series Terminal Blocks!!!

American Electrical, Inc. announces the PYK Terminal Block Series  -  a new tension (spring) clamp line of DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks !!!  This interesting design allows the user to simply push in the conductor without having to open up a clamp to achieve it !! Think of the time savings!! This is an Engineered product waiting for our customers to take advantage of !!! thanks from American Electrical, Inc

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Design In :: Cable Shield Grounding - Fast, Easy and Reliable - American Electrical - EasyConnect Cable Grip

Connecting your cable shield to cabinet ground has never been easier using American Electrical / Agro -  EasyConnect Cable Grip ! Don't waste time make that ground connection the Easy Way !!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Design In :: This Fuse Holder indicates a blown fuse by American Electrical

Our  ASK series Fuseholders come with or without a blown fuse indicator - which is a Neon bulb that flashes - How bout that for a nice design feature?  Now a technician will easily find the blown fuse and replace it, keeping downtime to a minimum!  These are IEC VDE and UL approved and finger safe.  Thanks for choosing American Electrical. #fuseholders #safety #blownfuseindicators #blownfuse #dinrail

Friday, March 15, 2013

Now you can easily BUS your power OR grounds with this Terminal Block from American Electrical, Inc.

Take your Power and Ground signal for a ride on a four pole BUS with this Four Pole Tension Clamp Terminal Block - use our insulated push in jumpers to quickly create a "BUS BLOCK" to instantly distribute your Power, Negative and  Ground signals !!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reliable, Quality Wire Stripper, by American Electrical, Inc.

Take a look at our Wire Stripper , it strips 28-10 AWG in a fast, easy motion in about a second, leaving no marks or indentations on the wire.  Check out all of our quality Wire Management Products !!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wire cutting in 3 modes :: and all of them are Simple , by American Electrical, Inc.

The LC-100, Automatic Wire Cutting Machine cuts 28-8 AWG wire in three easy modes.

Mode 1 - press a button, run the wire out to desired length, press another button, cut the wire

Mode 2 - Set the number of cuts and the length in mm or inches and hit Enter !

Mode 3 - Connect to your laptop and save various lengths, cuts, wire sizes in a project mode so you don't have to repeat entry.

The LC-100 weighs 25 pounds and is rugged enough for the factory floor and portable enough to take virtually anywhere!  Check out our other products at

Friday, March 1, 2013

Colored Terminal Blocks can add BRIGHTNESS to your Design, by American Electrical, Inc.

Circuit separation could not be made easier than to color code your hots, neutrals, polarity or grounds!!!!  American Electrical Inc.'s DIN Rail Mounted Colored Terminal Blocks do just that.  Have a DC circuit you are designing?  Why not use red and black terminals?  Think of the ease of circuit troubleshooting, design and panel-build!!  How bout for AC circuits? - well, the most commonly used color is blue for the neutral side and beige or black for the hot side.  Ground Blocks are Green/Yellow for safety sake!  Thanks for choosing American Electrical, Inc.!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Need Product Cost Savings? Let American Electrical quote you !!

American Electrical offers a complete line of DIN Rail mounted devices - for less - We have Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Circuit Breakers, Power Supplies, DIN Rail, Disconnect Switches, Interface Modules, Cable Grips, Wire Ferrules and Tools for Crimping.  Check us out here :

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's an alternate to Heyco ! American Electrical Cable Grips!!!

If you currently source Heyco and want a cost effective, quality Cable Grip check out the cross reference table for American Electrical  We sell DIN Rail Mounted Components for less !!!  Think INSIDE the Box !!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Circuit Breakers::Supplemental vs. Branch Circuit Protection - What do they require?

Supplemental vs Branch Circuit Protection requires different UL certifications and you should pay close attention to this when you design a control circuit.  Supplemental circuit protection is a term used when defining that the load will not be operated by the device and that there is one other level of protection between the device and the load - the device should carry a UL certification of UL1077 or greater.  Branch Circuit Protection means that the device can operate the load directly with no other level of protection between the breaker and the load, having a UL certification of UL489.

American Electrical has a complete line of UL 1077 and UL 489 circuit breakers for any of your design requirements.  Thanks for reviewing!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can name that Control Loop in 6 mm !!

Dual Level Terminal Block PIK Series can handle one control circuit in 6mm along the DIN Rail.  Rated at 32 amps (UL), the PIK Series can terminate two wires in and two wires out.  There is also a version connecting all four wires to the same potential.

Sensor Terminal Blocks from American Electrical, makes sense!

Our  Sensor Terminal Blocks are a cost effective way to make connections with your Prox sensors.  Three and four wire sensors are easily terminated with our AVK Series Sensor Blocks.  Power and grounds can be bussed and/or grounded directly to the DIN Rail.

DSUB or IDC Connector Breakout Modules from American Electrical

Our DSUB and IDC connector breakout modules allow you to either breakout signals from your cable/device or input to your device!  Also these work as a great design for 'plugging' your I/O back to the controller.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why use Twin Wire Ferrules? by American Electrical, Inc.

Ever heard of the term "Daisy Chain"?  That's when you connect wires, land them on terminals and continue down the Terminal Block Chain (perhaps connecting every third terminal) ...  Engineers specify the" Daisy Chain" concept to connect Power and/or Ground in Control System Design.  A Twin Wire Ferrule can marry two wires together, making it easier to connect and insert into an IEC component like a Terminal Block.  The Twin Wire F makes for a more reliable connection as well as making it easier to remove and replace during troubleshooting!  Please consider the Twin Wire Ferrule as a solution to your next "Daisy Chain" application!!!

Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers by American Electrical, Inc.

Our pneumatic ferrule crimpers save time and money (as well as your technicians hands!!) so do them a favor and give them a break.  Choose from our handheld crimpers, for working in control cabinets or bench crimpers, for working with cable assemblies (comes with foot pedal).  All of these work with 60-90 psi plant air!!!  check it out !!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wire Ferrules - the complete how to guide from American Electrical !

Here's a complete training module (below) on how to successfully apply a wire ferrule on a conductor!  AEI sells the largest selection of Wire Ferrules in the USA! check out the link !!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

PCB Plugs and Headers half the cost of Phoenix Contact from American Electrical

Check out our line of Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks and Connectors (Plugs and Headers)!!!

DIN RAIL - we have it all here at American Electrical

Any DIN Rail - slotted or solid, 7.5mm or 15mm, steel or aluminum !!!   and all the components that snap onto it !!

BUSSMAN fuse holders are twice the cost of ours!!

Only from American Electrical, Inc. can you get an "equal" - same specs - lower cost - check it our !!!  thanks!

EMC Cable Grip - finally an easy solution to a difficult problem

Do you need a way to ground a braided cable?  Look no further - we have it here - the Easy Connect Cable Grip grounds the braid to the enclosure in no time!!! IP 68 !

Wire Ferrule kit is complete with ferrules, stripping, cutting and crimping tool

This rugged metal CRIMPKIT is a great way to arm your techs with everything they need to crimp wire ferrules!

Wire Ferrules and Crimping tools here at American Electrical!

We have the widest selection of ferrules in the USA - as well as hand, pneumatic and electric tools to cover any job and assembly!  thanks for checking us out !!

Who pays more for the same functionality?

People who specify Phoenix Contact instead of American Electrical that's who !!!!  Come check out our complete line of DIN Rail mounted Terminal Blocks and accessories !  Why pay double?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thermocouple : type J and K Terminal Block !!!

Our new "pluggable" Thermocouple Terminal Block is DIN Rail mounted for type J and K Thermocouples.  The Pluggable feature is a mini female connector embedded in the top of the Block allowing for measurement of the process temp AT the terminal block !!!! Think of how easy it will be to troubleshoot and calibrate !!

American Electrical Terminal Blocks !!!

You could save a bundle in your control panel by switching to our Terminal Blocks ! UL Recognized, Internationally approved $avings you or your customer deserves!!!    Why do you still pay those high Phoenix Contact prices?  Check us out!!!

Why use Phoenix Contact and pay double?

Looks similar, has all the approvals, carries the same current, operates at the same voltage - for less from American Electrical !

DIN Rail Power Supplies up to 40 Amps!

Our 24VDC output power supplies have input voltages of 120 VAC up to 480 VAC - compact design!

DIN Rail Fuse Holders !!

If fuses are your means of protection then checkout our finger safe IEC versions up to 50 Amps!

DIN Rail Circuit Breakers - 13mm wide!

UL 1077, UL 489 and UL 489A - we have you covered from AC to DC !!

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

We offer the most competitive line in the USA - why would you pay double for the same functionality?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wire Ferrules

American Electrical has Insulated and Non-Insulated wire ferrules for any application

Cable Grips

American Electrical has NPT, PG and Metric threaded, IP 68 Cable Grips :

American Electrical Power Supplies

American Electrical has a wide range of quality Power Supplies from 1.25 A - 40 A !!

American Electrical Fuse Holders

American Electrical has a DIN Rail mounted fuse holder for any control circuit !

DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks by American Electrical

The AVK Series is Internationally and UL approved - reliable connection - for less

American Electrical Circuit Breakers

Thinnest DIN Rail Circuit Breaker - saving space along the DIN rail by American Electrical :

Din Rail Mounted Thermocouple Terminal block w integrated measurement connector

Check out American Electrical's new Thermocouple Terminal block here :

Thermocouple Terminal Block

Checkout American Elecrical's new Thermocouple Terminal block - it has an integrated connector for temp measurement IN THE BLOCK !