Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Design In :: Cable Shield Grounding - Fast, Easy and Reliable - American Electrical - EasyConnect Cable Grip

Connecting your cable shield to cabinet ground has never been easier using American Electrical / Agro -  EasyConnect Cable Grip ! Don't waste time make that ground connection the Easy Way !!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Design In :: This Fuse Holder indicates a blown fuse by American Electrical

Our  ASK series Fuseholders come with or without a blown fuse indicator - which is a Neon bulb that flashes - How bout that for a nice design feature?  Now a technician will easily find the blown fuse and replace it, keeping downtime to a minimum!  These are IEC VDE and UL approved and finger safe.  Thanks for choosing American Electrical. #fuseholders #safety #blownfuseindicators #blownfuse #dinrail

Friday, March 15, 2013

Now you can easily BUS your power OR grounds with this Terminal Block from American Electrical, Inc.

Take your Power and Ground signal for a ride on a four pole BUS with this Four Pole Tension Clamp Terminal Block - use our insulated push in jumpers to quickly create a "BUS BLOCK" to instantly distribute your Power, Negative and  Ground signals !!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reliable, Quality Wire Stripper, by American Electrical, Inc.

Take a look at our Wire Stripper , it strips 28-10 AWG in a fast, easy motion in about a second, leaving no marks or indentations on the wire.  Check out all of our quality Wire Management Products !!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wire cutting in 3 modes :: and all of them are Simple , by American Electrical, Inc.

The LC-100, Automatic Wire Cutting Machine cuts 28-8 AWG wire in three easy modes.

Mode 1 - press a button, run the wire out to desired length, press another button, cut the wire

Mode 2 - Set the number of cuts and the length in mm or inches and hit Enter !

Mode 3 - Connect to your laptop and save various lengths, cuts, wire sizes in a project mode so you don't have to repeat entry.

The LC-100 weighs 25 pounds and is rugged enough for the factory floor and portable enough to take virtually anywhere!  Check out our other products at http://www.americanelectrical.com/index.html

Friday, March 1, 2013

Colored Terminal Blocks can add BRIGHTNESS to your Design, by American Electrical, Inc.

Circuit separation could not be made easier than to color code your hots, neutrals, polarity or grounds!!!!  American Electrical Inc.'s DIN Rail Mounted Colored Terminal Blocks do just that.  Have a DC circuit you are designing?  Why not use red and black terminals?  Think of the ease of circuit troubleshooting, design and panel-build!!  How bout for AC circuits? - well, the most commonly used color is blue for the neutral side and beige or black for the hot side.  Ground Blocks are Green/Yellow for safety sake!  Thanks for choosing American Electrical, Inc.!!!!